Fruit & Vegetables

Photo of Cabbage Savoy Half

Cabbage Savoy Half

$4.50 each

Photo of Cabbage Red Quarter

Cabbage Red Quarter

$2.00 each

Photo of Cabbage Red Half

Cabbage Red Half

$5.00 each

Photo of Cabbage Half

Cabbage Half

$3.00 each

Photo of Cabbage Chinese Half

Cabbage Chinese Half

$4.50 each

Photo of Cabbage


$5.95 each

Photo of Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

$18.99 per kg

Photo of Broccoli Iced R/W

Broccoli Iced R/​W

$9.99 per kg

Photo of Brejuls Basil 10g Herbs

Brejuls Basil 10g Herbs

$2.99 each

Photo of Bok Choy / Pak Choy

Bok Choy / Pak Choy

$2.99 each

Photo of Beans - S/Less - Kg

Beans - S/​Less - Kg

$34.99 per kg

Photo of Bananas Pre Pack

Bananas Pre Pack

$4.95 each

Photo of Avocado


$3.00 each

Photo of Asparagus R/W

Asparagus R/​W

$39.99 per kg

Photo of Asparagus Bunch

Asparagus Bunch

$5.50 each

Photo of Apples Royal Gala

Apples Royal Gala

$6.99 per kg

Photo of Apples Granny Smith

Apples Granny Smith

$5.99 per kg

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